ELO: Other Player CHEATS, I lose ELO??? How is that FAIR???

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ELO: Other Player CHEATS, I lose ELO??? How is that FAIR???

Postby athank » 27 Jun 2008, 17:06

I just played a couple of sets with "BossMan" - both of us are on the demo version. First set I win 6-0; second set I am winning 5-0 and it's something like 30-0 on the sixth game. He goes into the menus and stays there for something like at least 2 minutes. At some point he comes out of menus and goes into "Paused game". I wait another few minutes. I realize he wants me to give up the set by quitting - obviously he is a very sore looser. I oblige. I give up the game - I lose something like -43 ELO for quitting!!! HOW IS THAT FAIR????

If you care to look up my username (I used to play under "athank" and now I am under "tommys") you will see that I have played over 960 games, I have never quit a game, always play by the rules, have posted numerous times on this forum with game suggestions, etc under my original name "athank" and now I get a HUGE hit on my ELO because some schmuck of an idiot cannot bear in their small minds the possibility that they will lose many games before they get better???

I thought that one of the improvements of the newer version of the game was that if one of the players goes into the menus or otherwise pauses and disrupts play for over 1.5 minutes, then if the other player quits, they do not lose ELO. Is this the case??

If not, why not?? Why should someone like me be punished for playing honestly, courteously, and fairly. When I play a set, I never pause the game unless it's an emergency and if I do, I always let the other player know and if they do not agree with the pause I have the courtesy to give up the game and take the hit. It is only fair.

When "BossMan" paused the game, and after I realized that he is not coming back any time soon, I went into the chat mode and asked him to come back or let me know what was going on - needless to say, he did not even acknowledge me.

Anyways, I have no idea why I am getting so worked up about this - it is only a bloody game - but I do seriously think there is a lesson here - please fix the game and correct this error - if indeed it is an error and do not allow players to pause a game or otherwise disrupt it without a way for the other party to exit an unfair situation without getting severly punished.

I look forward to some replies on this from Manutoo and anyone else who cares to comment.

Postby manutoo » 28 Jun 2008, 07:30


1st, I need to clarify 1 thing : when your opponent paused the game, it opened the chat window, right ?

Normally, when the game is paused with the chat window opened, just press the "pause" or "esc" key to close the chat & unpause the game.
As you can easily unpause the game, if you quit in that moment, it'll be considered your wrong...
So you should quit only if your opponent has been in menus for 1 minute or more.
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