How to end game without losing ELO

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How to end game without losing ELO

Postby CC » 23 Jun 2008, 02:38


How may one end a game, after the first 2 games have been played, without losing ELO points? For instance, I was playing with someone who would not come out of the menus and also swapped applications. The game was locked because of this. All I could do was go into Replay, otherwise, the player could come back at any time, exit the menus, unpause the game, and continue playing, and by this time I may not be in front of the computer (as I had given up on his finishing the game and walked away from the computer). When I came back, the screen said connection lost, that he had retired, but then the next screen read that I had retired, and the game penalized me 51 points for that, plus it took away another 10, even though I was up 3-1.
So, in this situation, what should I have done? Most of the time that I waited, the other player was with the game active, but was just in the menus. Anyway, I am surprised that I am the one that is penalized. No big deal, though.
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Postby manutoo » 23 Jun 2008, 07:39


you must give up before the end of the 2nd game to void ELO penalty.

Also, after your opponent has been in the menus for 45s, you should be able to quit without penalty, except if he came back right away when you opened the menus... :roll:
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