Player displaying "...watching replay" to interfer

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Player displaying "...watching replay" to interfer

Postby CC » 11 May 2008, 06:00

I've played a player by the name of "Rafael Nadal" (there are probably several). At least two times when I played him, he somehow did something such that, and this was near Match Point with me in the lead, the message that he was watching the replay appeared on my screen even though we were playing. I chatted with him about it, and he did something to make it go away for a second but then put it right back and would not take it away. He also did other things to delay the game so that I would not be able to win the match before the demo time expired. He did this at least two games, and so I don't play him any more.
Is there something that can be done to make it so that he can't put this "...watching replay" message on the screen at will (and then keep playing the game while it is there)? It makes it hard for me to see the ball, of course.

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Postby guest » 12 May 2008, 01:30 are finding out that there are complete as---oles who cant deal with the fact that this is still only a computer game.........and will do anything to win.
I recently played someone who was serving and I hit 3 straight winners.......making it love-40...........all of a sudden they kept going into menus and then would come back and serve. I of course was not ready for each serve. They did their best to distract and I just clicked out and went on. You have to realize that some players in here base their whole "Tennis Elbow" life on how many ELO points they have........when in reality you can unistall the game.......reinstall it........and start back at 1000. There is one person in here soon as you lob him once......he goes into chat and starts telling you what a cheating cunt you are........I avoid him. Ive played you many times are you are getting better and better.......just remember to have fun.

Postby CC » 12 May 2008, 03:39

Thanks for the encouragement. I keep trying. I have realized, though, that some of the shots I once thought were impossible without cheating may actually be possible after learning to better prepare for the shots. A topspin return can be quite effective, but others might at first think that it is a cheat -- I just don't think that many use it, and so it catches them off-guard.

Yeah, the ELO thing is funny and distressing at the same time. Sometimes I don't want to play a master or a pro because I don't want to lose all of my points and I may be having a bad day, so I may play someone who I think is more of my skill, only to realize quickly that this is yet another player who has changed their name or started over for whatever reason. They are presenting themselves as a new player or a junior or whatever when they are really much better, so when they beat me, since my ELO has risen a little bit and would be higher than their "new" ELO, I lose much more points. Oh well. At least I am having fun. Maybe too much fun.


Postby manutoo » 12 May 2008, 07:49

Hello Christopher,

I checked and I have no idea how it is possible to display the Replay status, while you are still actually playing... :?

And I totally agree with Guest's message. Try to not care about stupid "no-life" players...
The ELO is there to help you to find opponents of your level, not to do the competition to the biggest ELO (there are human controlled tournaments & ladder for that).

And even before I implemented ELO, there were already stupid players giving up on match point & etc.... :?
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