How to destroy Top Spin serve users?

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How to destroy Top Spin serve users?

Postby Uchiha Muss » 09 Jun 2013, 18:36

So I've been playing more lately cause it's summer holidays. But more I play, I'm getting frustrated exponentially. This top spin serve is impossible to attack.
Even if I did hit a perfect shot at 143km/h opponent can easily defend since the ball takes too long to reach the other side and by then it slows down. That is if I did a perfect shot. Otherwise it usually lands inside the serve box and I become an easy prey. In real life you can always depend on attacking 2nd serve. That's what makes a difference.
In this game this doesn't seem to apply.

I either get aced in the 1st serve or struggle like a fish on air. This needs to be countered. I need some help. I could theoretically step back a lot but then it's really hard to come back to perfect position. Or even worse I get owned by a dropshot...

I'd gladly take any chances or ways of beating those guys in their own game. Thanks :D
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Re: How to destroy Top Spin serve users?

Postby manutoo » 10 Jun 2013, 04:39


I guess you play with slow AutoPos, coz with the normal AutoPos, this kind of serves are easy enough to return to get a neutral state (ie: in average, neither you or your opponent is really advantaged).
Maybe you can try to stay close of baseline but return in slice ?
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