Game glitch? [Skill Scaling in World Tour]

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Game glitch? [Skill Scaling in World Tour]

Postby iopzzza » 10 Apr 2022, 12:48

Hello, Manutoo. I've thought of something today and decided to ask you.
As u may know, we are working on a patch, and i wanted to create more realistic world tour. But the last thing you've told me that stats scale up on the Ranking, make me think of something.
Imagine 2 players - David Ferrer and Ivo Karlovic. We all know there are years where Ferrer is ranked 3rd and Karlovic is way out of top 50, and i thoguth that , no matter what i set, they're serve stats would be around the same, i mean the serve power, placement and consistency, because they will scale of they're ranks. Same logic goes for all stats. Lets say one players is super fast in real life, but is terrible shotmaker. So he is predicted to finish 150, game will give him pace for 150th place. Other player is slow in real life, but plays with brain and is predicted to finish 15, i bet he will have around the same or even higher speed that the faster player. Which in my view makes the world tour quite unrealistic, no matter what u do. Am i wrong is the question ? :D

Could u explain to me what all the setting under NoNormalization row does? 1. Default, 2. Take skills without any change (this one is straightforward i suppose), 3. Norm on BestRank, 4. Norm on best year?
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Re: Game glitch? [Skill Scaling in World Tour]

Postby manutoo » 11 Apr 2022, 06:06


yup, there are limitations to the TE system.

BestRank => use BestRank entry
Best Year => use the best RankPerYear
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