[TE4] Create a batch file

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[TE4] Create a batch file

Postby Mystery » 08 Mar 2022, 16:14

Hi ManuToo,

I just created two batch files in the TE 4 folder inside LocalLow - one for running the mod and another for running the vanilla game.

Unlike TE 2013 where the TennisElbow.exe is in the root folder, on TE 4 this application file is actually located in the other TE 4 folder (in program files or whichever folder the user installed the game under). Currently I put absolute path in the batch file to locate my TennisElbow.exe. Is there a way to check where the user installed the game (and maybe treat that as a parameter? idk) just in case they don't install it in Program Files and the batch won't work for such users? Thanks.
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Re: [TE4] Create a batch file

Postby manutoo » 09 Mar 2022, 07:11


you'll find the installation path in the Windows Registry at : Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ManaGames\TE4\Path .

In my NSIS installer script, it's like this :
Code: Select all
!define PRODUCT_DIR_REGKEY "Software\ManaGames\TE4\Path"

I'm not sure why "WOW6432Node" is added ; maybe coz it's a 64-bit application. :thinking:

Most people would have the game in "C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 4\Game" ; the ones who don't may remember that they installed it elsewhere, though. :fear:
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