Do you want to edit your 1st Post ? [ = Verified Modders]

Everything about Modding the game, from new courts to the modifications of the player & tournament bases (and including all the bugs they may be creating ! ;) )

Do you want to edit your 1st Post ? [ = Verified Modders]

Postby manutoo » 24 Feb 2022, 10:13


if you want to become a Verified Modder so you'll be able to edit the 1st post of your created topic, do your request here. :yes:

Notes :
- please try to use that ability only to enhance your 1st post, not to delete anything that other people may have already reacted to
- if you want to get that ability, you should already have created some Mods for the game, and have bought the game ; if you didn't use the same email address for your order and the Forum, then contact me here to request that ability : ... d%20Modder
- if you have bought the game on Steam, log in into the Online Mode (in the game) right before posting in the present topic
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