How to mod the court physics ?

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How to mod the court physics ?

Postby leo26 » 08 Oct 2021, 18:18

I am confused as to what the court.ini values mean. Can someone please explain ?

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Re: How to mod the court physics ?

Postby manutoo » 09 Oct 2021, 06:34


HiDeceleration is for the player inertia ; lower value => more inertia
SpeedConversion alters the players' left/right speed conversion. The lower it is, the more the player will feel to be stuck in the mud.
DeltaE = change of elasticity for topspin ball

CoF = Coefficient of Friction
CoR = Coefficient of Restitution ; it's the equivalent to TE2013's Elasticity.

You'll find the CoF & CoR here : ... ooklet.pdf ; "Figure 3. Court Pace Rating conversion chart." on page 33

However, ITF did an over-simplification with its ratings, so I put some additional CoRs.
So CoR0 is the one of the ITF at 16° incoming angle at 30 meters/second on impact for the vertical speed. But in some cases, it's better to define the CoR at some other angles ; by default, CoR1 is to indicate the ITF Vertical Ball Drop Test (90° angle, 7 m/s).
To define even more precisely the bounce, you can add CoR2 which is for the highest theoretical possible CoR of the surface (0° angle, 0m/s), and CoR3 which is for the Fast Vertical Drop (90° angle, 20m/s).

You can also enter your own angle & speed for the CoR, in case you find other data, eg :
Code: Select all
CoR1      =   0.76 44 12

This means the CoR is 0.76 for an impact at 44° with 12m/s of vertical speed.

By putting "weird" values on several CoRs, I simulated a kind of rubber surface (ie: the bounce was higher or lower than expected, depending on the incoming angle), which was pretty funny... :blackeye:

If you put too weird values, you'll get really strange stuff happening, though... :fear:
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