Skin modding

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Skin modding

Postby peteypan » 05 Oct 2021, 08:56

Trying to play around with the skin textures for a few outfits. I followed the instructions for adding new skins. Created the gamesys_mod.ini and put the correct lines in there, added my edited texture to the Mod>Players>Textures>Female.Skin folder - and the game does indeed show up an extra texture option - however the edited texture isn't there - it's just the original base texture for both entries.

This line in the system.log looks like the game is recognising the texture - it just isn't showing up.

Created List 'Outfit/Female_Skin' with 2 elements, including 1 built-ins

I did notice when i changed the filename of it to "01" it indeed showed up however then both entries were my edited one. I'm sure it's something simple i'm doing wrong but any ideas anyone? i know a few of you already seem to be playing around with the skin files hopefully can help :)
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Re: Skin modding

Postby manutoo » 05 Oct 2021, 09:40


update to the latest version => viewtopic.php?p=278982#p278982 . :yes:
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