Short slice

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Short slice

Postby Yasin Ozkan » 18 Oct 2012, 16:02

Hi Manuto,

Can you change the short slice combo to dropshot + release up (I mean, press slice+up and then release up but keep slice pushed)?

Here is my reason:

When you do a shortslice (which is short strike then slice), it doesn't not look realistic.
It looks like a faintshot, like he is gonna strike a normal strike, then before shot he slices the ball.
Now if you change it to dropshot + release up, it will look more realistic because the dropshot motion is the same as the slice motion.
So the motion will stay the same. I hope I could clearify myself.

Yasin Ozkan
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Short slice

Postby manutoo » 19 Oct 2012, 05:49


that seems like a good idea, I might do that for next Build.
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Re: Short slice

Postby NOLE.LUCKYguest » 19 Oct 2012, 07:01

And please instead of a short slice, make it an aggressive slice. The slice that we have right now floats too much in the air and is very deep. Changing this current short slice, which is slow and short, to a faster and a tad longer, unattackable slice, will introduce more variety.

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