Best combo of spin/offense?

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Best combo of spin/offense?

Postby Cup8489 » 26 Jun 2012, 01:44


looking for some advice about this. I want to create a player that can hit with alot of spin to push the opponents in online matches back, but still be able to hit through the court enough on the acceleration shots to be able to at least cause errors, if not hit winners.

I've read somewhere that I'm probably best off with less than 10% spin or more than 80%, but I'm wondering if 50% spin with a defensive player who has maxed groundstrokes will be able to hit enough spin to cause difficulty returning his shots while still being able to hit winners when the opportunity to go for an acceleration appears?

IE, I'm trying to build a Nadal or Djokovic like character.. more so like Nadal.

Any advice is helpful, and I'll keep experimenting. Just looking for advice from the good players here :)
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