Game for Addicted!!

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Game for Addicted!!

Postby Samuel » 06 Sep 2011, 04:55

I have some comments about this game!!
I always very surprise with the people playing in level master or incredible and do good campaigns...
I played almost half of season and I suffer to get a single point!! And I play in junior level!!
I began with patience, always switching balls with my opponent and wait for the best moment to attack... but, if I do this, I take a complicated ball to return... so, I lose.
If a attack, I will switch ball almost eternally, because the opponent don't mistake... Actually, I only have some chance to win a game because the sack is efficient in junior level, but, when I begin the switching balls, I lose in almost time...
I read about the techniques to win, take different balls, but isn't run... with short ball slice, I take the strong winner. If I try the lob, is rarely get a point. In junior level, sometimes I only get some points when I use the short slice ball, then the lob when my opponent reach the net, and so I finish with a strong forehand... but in the most of times, even with a forehand, the opponent still reach the ball, so I need to do this every time...
I post this topic because I lost a game in a Grand Slam with only points gotten with my service, because I lost all the points that have switching balls... Very sad!!

I think this game is only the people that really live the tennis, because is very difficult to play!! No fun!! May be I need only play in club level, and may be I have some chance to make good season!!

Thanks for attention!!

Re: Game for Addicted!!

Postby manutoo » 06 Sep 2011, 05:56


there's no shame playing at Club level if Junior level is too hard for you.
After a while, you might get better & then you could try Junior level again...! :yes:
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