"counter-bounce" shots

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"counter-bounce" shots

Postby swissmade » 11 Jun 2011, 18:41

Hello all,
I'm doing a reflection abuot counter-bounce shot in the game (i hope counter-bounce is the right translation, i mean the balls that bounce really near the body and must be played very fastly, with low time to react).

So, i play tennis and i see tennis on tv and on court too (as the majority of users, i think), and i find quite strange to see how the ball react to this kind of shot; In-game, the shot finish his run long most of the times, and sometimes remain on court really near the line, no other chances, this is my experience in my matches with TE.

My thought is easy, i would be happy to see the right reactions when my player or a cpu player play this shot. A tennis player use it when he's too near from where the ball will bounce, and his reactions most of the times will be to hold his racket trying to have the bigger ball control in a bad situation, to send the ball over the net and, if possible, on court. Then in my opinion, this shot must finish in the following ways (keep in mind that my % are just an average, they could be discussed!)

A -25% high and long ball, off court.
B -40% high ball, the ball bounce on court, at mid-court on the opponent size or very near the net, so he will have a quite easy shot, a weak ball with an high bounce, and he will do his shot with his feet fully into the court, rushing to the net to close the point against a possible passing shot, if his acceleration shot will be returned by the other player.
C -15% ball on the net, or a shot that don't reach the net and remain in the player court, bouncing for the first time quite near the player (0-5 meters).
D -15% a shot very near to be considered normal, because our player with a mix of skill consistency and luck, will be able to control the ball and he won't give to his opponent a big advantage or there will be no advantage because of a particular angle and/or deep of the shot.
E -5% ball hitted very badly, shot missed or completely out of the court, it could happen in every direction, so the ball could be collected by a people of the crowd of all four stands.

This points, or part of them, can be included in-game?
For the last time, i don't want to teach what is tennis, i just want to make a great game better than what is now !

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Re: "counter-bounce" shots

Postby manutoo » 13 Jun 2011, 07:57


a lot of that variety should actually come from your own decisions ; ie: if you're always trying to hit an acceleration in such situation, then the ball will always go away too strongly (either long or in the net), but never will do a slow high ball falling in opposing midcourt ; but if you decide the ball is too hard to accelerate nor strike normally, and do the safe strike, then it's what's going to happen.
And with the normal strike, it'll either go short, long or correctly, randomly when you hit such kind of ball.
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