Big discrepancy in Top 100's player strength?

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Big discrepancy in Top 100's player strength?

Postby Karrmarr » 24 May 2011, 11:45

Hello there,

first I want to say that Tennis Elbow is by far the most realistic tennis simulation I ever played. So a big thanks for the great work goes to Managames :D

Usually, in other tennis simulations I always had the problem that after getting used to it, I easily could win any match 6-0 6-0 even on higher difficulty levels. In Tennis Elbow this is different. Playing against the top players is really difficult (currently playing on Profi, sublevel 10).

However I noticed that there is a big discrepancy in player strength between the Top 100 players. So it happens that in the first round of a tournament I play against let's say number 60 of the world (I am currently 46), and I easily beat him 6-0, 6-1. In the second round I meet J.M.del Potro (number 13) and easily lose this game 1-6, 2-6. So either the lower top 100 players are too easy, or the top players are too strong... this should be more balanced in my opinion.

In the real world any top 100 player is not too easy to beat... ;)


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Re: Big discrepancy in Top 100's player strength?

Postby Deviances » 25 May 2011, 01:22

It's true that players between 30 and 100 are quite easy to beat (for exemple, I won my first round of Wimby against one of this player 6-3 6-0 6-0 and the second one 6-0 6-0 6-0(Incredible, sub level 4 (I have a really good player)). But then when you play the top players it can be really difficult. I played Federer in the semis of RG and Wimby, I had to stay focus on every point (I won in RG 3-6 6-3 4-6 7-5 7-5 and in Wimby 3-6 7-6(6) 6-2 6-3). But then i lost against Nadal in RG's final 2-6 2-6 1-6 because I was not focused (my fault).
My point is, maybe the best thing to do is to play with a higher difficulty during the first rounds !
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Re: Big discrepancy in Top 100's player strength?

Postby manutoo » 25 May 2011, 05:54

is it almost systematic that you have such easy score against #50-75 ranked players ?
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Re: Big discrepancy in Top 100's player strength?

Postby Daffers » 25 May 2011, 11:15

Do as i do, i alter the difficulty level depending on the opponent, for example i raise it a little when playing a lower ranked top 100 player so the matches are not that one sided. also i lower my difficulty against defenders since i don't know how to play them. because of the amount of levels in difficulty you can alter the realism in your own way.
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