Playing with ATP Players?

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Playing with ATP Players?

Postby Agassi74 » 11 Mar 2011, 07:05

Love the game Manu, I was wondering if there was anyway that I could play as one of the ATP players such as Agassi (from the Atp files) in the World Tour without creating one and building one up?
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Re: Playing with ATP Players?

Postby manutoo » 12 Mar 2011, 04:31


go into the "World Tour" menu, and turn on the "Advanced Options" in the "Misc Options" menu, then go to the "View All Matches" menu & turn on the "View CPU matches" options.
Like this you'll be able to view your favorite player's matches, and take control of him on the presentation screen. But you can't decide what tournaments he'll play, so it's not very convenient.
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