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Favorite Dbls Player

Postby cratenkj » 03 Jul 2010, 11:23

Hey Manutoo,

Hey Ive asked this question before and the answer you gave me, I tried it but it didnt work. I set a player to my favorite double player. My rank is 33 in double and their rank is 51. I tried to choose them as my double partner but they are not in the option list. I assumed that our ranking was too far apart so I let my rank slip to 43 but I still do not have the option to choose the double player that I set as favorite double player.

Also when I go to the option to select a double player for a tournament, it gives me the option to pick players ranked 49, 50 , 53, but it always seem to skipped my favorite double player...every time..how do i choose the player I have set as my favorite double player.
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Re: Favorite Dbls Player

Postby manutoo » 04 Jul 2010, 18:14


the Favorite Partner will pop up in the list only if both of these conditions are met :
- his ranking is not too high compared to ur player's
- he's not playing in another tournament at the moment or on next week
So actually, he won't be often in the partner selection list, especially if he's a double specialist...
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