Steam Link - Samsung TV

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Steam Link - Samsung TV

Postby ADumbObserver » 04 Sep 2021, 01:47


I'm using a Samsung Smart TV and the Steam Link app to connect steam to my TV in order to play games. I use Xbox 360 + Xbox One controllers that are connected to my TV's usb ports. For most games this works fine, even for games that are added to steam as shortcuts. However I can't figure out how to get Tennis Elbow to work correctly over Steam Link. Is this feature currently supported?

If not, is there any chance it will be supported in the future?

If it is supported, what can I do to try and get this working?
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Re: Steam Link - Samsung TV

Postby manutoo » 04 Sep 2021, 06:46


there's nothing to do to support Steam Link, it should just work. (if I understood what it's doing :fear: )

What is your issue exactly ? If it's the game not seeing your controllers, then pick the "Keyboard 1".
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