PS4 Controller Aiming sensitivity

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PS4 Controller Aiming sensitivity

Postby Guest » 30 May 2021, 15:50

Hello, i have question about Controller. I tried demo version. Firstly it looked like very difficult to play but then i like it. I started to understand the game much more. I'm planning to buy full version. I'm using PS4 controller so i configured the strokes per button. I'm playing with my brother so i will not use keyboard.

My question is when i use analog sticks for movement and direction of the strokes. When i make a little flick the analog sticks it goes too much even if i hit in the green Danger Zone(great positioning). I would like to change that sensivity.
I tried to play with D-Pad for the movement and direction it looked better but i want to play with analog stick. I'm more comfortable with it. i saw 2 features in the Controller menu. "Dead Zone" and "Aiming Dead Zone".
Default configuration is 35-50 for these 2 properties.
I changed but didn't understand much about their function Can someone explain their function?

Lastly i didn't played TE2013 but watched. When will TE4 documentation come? Documentation was quite usefull for TEM2 and TE2013 as far as i see. Sorry about my english i hope you understand my question.

Re: PS4 Controller Aiming sensitivity

Postby manutoo » 31 May 2021, 06:03


1) If your player moves without input from your controller, and/or the aiming moves without input, then you need to raise the dead zone. To see the aiming zone, turn it on with the Preview in your Character Sheet.

2) The aiming sensitivity is the same both with the controller and the keyboard, however, it changes depending on how far you stand from the net. With aiming preview on, play a bit in warm-up to get the hang of it.

3) TE4 doc will come once the gameplay is done (more or less). Meanwhile, head there => ... _Game.html .

Globally, it still explains correctly most of the gameplay concepts.

There are only 2 important new things to know :
- now if you don't prepare your strike early enough, and/or you're not positioned well enough on the ball, and/or the incoming ball is too difficult, then it'll always have a chance to send the ball into the net, whatever the strike you do
- to strike an acceleration as strong as possible, you have to hit the ball at top of its bounce, when it almost doesn't move up/down

You'll find the new skill explained in the TEM2 documentation here : ... _Game.html .
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Re: PS4 Controller Aiming sensitivity

Postby Guest » 31 May 2021, 13:01

Thanks for the answers Manuto. I already realized some of them.

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