Question aubout rep

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Question aubout rep

Postby gvd24 » 11 May 2021, 22:48

Normally my rep is always very good somewhere between 80 an 90, it goes down sometimes because i dont play that much.
I played a set yesterday and my rep before the match was +- 75 i think, after it was 51, is it possible that it can drop that much?
I he gave me a bad rep i am clueless why because it was a fair match, but i noticed that a while later without playing another set it was sudden 81, today when i started the game again it was back to 51.
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Re: Question aubout rep

Postby manutoo » 12 May 2021, 08:49


the reputation is less stable when you got just a few votes lately, so it's normal it can changes quickly with only 1 negative vote.

Also, if you don't play at all, your reputation will slowly go down to +50% if it's above (and then it doesn't change anymore).
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