How does self confidence works? (Manutoo)

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How does self confidence works? (Manutoo)

Postby iopzzza » 06 May 2021, 19:10

Hello, Manutoo. How does self confidence works? And under what number it starts ruining my game (and does it affect the 3d matches that much), because from my opinion it has great influence on the 3d matches? LIke player making more mistakes , etc..? What level i should keep it? And how is self confidence calculated?
Example: Lost AUS OPEN F to Nadal ( and lost 0 self confidence). Lost Roterdam SF to Federer and lost around 10-15 self confidence (I am CPU Controlled Grigor Dimitrov). Lastly, can i disable it (or fix it) somehow? So it stays the same (high) for the whole year? Thanks, in advance :)
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Re: How does self confidence works? (Manutoo)

Postby manutoo » 07 May 2021, 08:21


there's no threshold for the Self-Confidence. It helps the player to aim closer to the lines (or at least play less to the center), both during rallies and on serve.

Losing in Final or SF won't make you lose much confidence, and winning raises it. If it's very low, it's raised when training any skill. That's pretty much all.

You cannot disable it.
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