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WTA 2019 TE Tour

Postby evypatton9 » 07 Oct 2019, 01:27

Hi guys! A while ago I got very bored and being the tennis freak I am, :wink: I created a simulated TE WTA tour with computer generated players, rankings, monthly awards, and stats (I know I'm a bit obsessed but I had a lot of free time this summer). It's becoming a bit boring only doing this for myself so I decided to share it with you guys.

First of all I am playing in Training Mode Match Play with WTAMOD2014. I am following the schedule of the 2014 WTA Tour but calling it 2019 due to the fact that I don't have every court used in 2019. I simulate the final of International tournaments, semifinal and up of Premiers, quarterfinals and up of Premier 5's, and round of 16 and up of Premier Mandatories and Grand Slams. All of my tournament draws were created with Challonge and I will post the link to the Wimbledon draw, so you can then click my username (TETour2019) and click tournaments under that to find the other draws. As of now, I am up to the semifinals of Wimbledon, but I will post results of simulated matches in a post starting from Wimbledon R16. On Throwback Thurdays, I might also give a summary of older matches that I feel deserve one.

Anyway that's it. Please let me know if you read/enjoy this and if enough people do, I might let y'all vote on which tournaments players will play in and other things like that. If you want to see summaries and match stats of other matches please ask because I will definintiely write them! Also, I will post the current rankings in the next post.
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Re: WTA 2019 TE Tour

Postby evypatton9 » 07 Oct 2019, 01:28


Rank Player Points
1 Lilli Todd 4740
2 Tessa DeHart 4720
3 Azalea Blake 3900
4 Alexa Ghaith 3815
5 Kája Horáčková 3320
6 Emerson Gill 3002
7 McKinley Cain 2945
8 Isla Valencia 2291
9 Ryan Rios 2145
10 Livia Lopez 2047
11 Courtney Casey 2021
12 Kylie Casey 1980
13 Molly Broussard 1959
14 Lucie Horáčková 1791
15 Elise Cain 1755
16 Daria Vasilieva 1730
17 Reece Higgins 1711
18 Sierra Cain 1596
19 Kelsey Casey 1591
20 Bailey Tyson 1536
21 Juliette Mejia 1477
22 Olivia Anderson 1470
23 Ekaterina Vasilieva 1388
24 Samantha Franklin 1346
25 Lindsey Edwards 1333
26 Marley Mejia 1267
27 Madison Weaver 1238
28 Brittany Todd 1152
29 Sage Eaton 1126
30 Isabelle Frye 993
31 Jenna McHale 910
32 Hallie Brandt 867
33 Aurelia Leva 848
34 Raleigh Rios 826
35 Caroline Schroder 719
36 Ellie Schroder 712
37 Paisley Levine 676
38 Finley Huff 642
39 Athena Leva 639
40 Callie Franklin 617
41 Camryn Gill 599
42 Emma Farley 578
43 Alyssa McKay 525
44 Sydney Farley 508
45 Bella Prejean 506
46 Amber Graham 502
47 Alyssa Richardson 490
48 Faith Harris 474
49 JT Mendoza 464
50 Juliana Zachary 462
51 Makaila Cormier 459
52 Dawn Brandt 457
53 Lauren Gary 454
54 Autumn Hays 448
55 Kailey Wilson 441
56 Jada Farley 418
57 Lorelai Barnett 384
58 Maddie Bell 368
59 Alissa Torres 364
60 Alexandra Waters 359
61 Mary Caroline Bell 359
62 Winter Hays 353
63 Fallon Wilcox 335
64 Morgan Barnett 333
65 Lara Santiago 311
66 Nicole Levine 294
67 Jasmine Langford 279
68 Oakley Anderson 279
69 Kayla Smith 275
70 Luna Sanchez 267
71 Mikayla Wilson 260
72 Eloise Hart 257
73 Lindsay King 250
74 Tiffany Langford 244
75 Serenity Afia 230
76 Aimee Hart 226
77 Ferris Wilcox 220
78 Gianna Langford 214
79 Caroline Butler 192
80 Malaysia Raja 191
81 Kaitlynn Davis 190
82 Parker Rogers 185
83 Nevaeh Freemin 178
84 Adelaide Chambers 174
85 Braelyn Cook 166
86 Briley Martin 165
87 Amanda Thompson 165
88 Josie Breaux 162
89 Ashley Martinez 147
90 Janiya Peterson 136
91 Savannah Banks 135
92 Ashley Hopkins 134
93 Kristin Phillips 130
94 Olivia Jones 130
95 Kaylin White 121
96 Adeline Chambers 116
97 Corinne Kirkpatrick 114
98 Gabriela Stewart 114
99 Kinley Williams 114
100 Jacey Price 113
101 Anna Thibodeaux 106
102 Laura Wright 106
103 Lea Ward 106
104 Emilia Hess 91
105 Cassidy Jones 86
106 Ada Myers 85
107 Amani Robinson 85
108 Kathleen Collins 85
109 Jaslyn Evans 84
110 Yasmin Weiss 83
111 Valerie Livingston 62
112 Alexis Thomas 55
113 Sara Campbell 55
114 Annabel Lewis 54
115 Annie Green 54
116 Marin Anderson 54
117 Michelle Garcia 53
118 Cindy Clark 52
119 Danielle Brown 35
120 Ireland Sandoval 34
121 Trinity Foster 34
122 Edith Boudreaux 25
123 Esther Walker 24
124 Leticia Wood 24
125 Cara Suarez 23
126 Lesly Huff 23
127 Mira Morse 23
128 Perla Carter 23

The rankings will probably be easier to read if you copy and paste into Google Docs, Excel or another program like that
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: WTA 2019 TE Tour

Postby evypatton9 » 07 Oct 2019, 03:49

2019 Wimbledon Round of 16 - Top Half

Caroline Schroder def (11) Courtney Casey, 6-4, 7-6(1)
A very high quality match on Court 1 was the first match of the day. It was the second meeting between the two after their first in Indian Wells, which Casey took in 3 sets. Both players held their serve until at 4-5, Casey lost her serve to 15. Casey was the first to break in set two, taking a 3-1 lead. Schroder fought her way back to level the set and went up 6-5. At 6-5, Schroder held 2 match points, but Casey held her nerve and forced a tiebreaker. The tiebreak was nothing special, with Casey hitting 5 errors in it and only winning one point. After 1:44 of play, Schroder set up a clash with the #1 seed Lilli Todd or #14 seed Lucie Horackova.

(12) Kylie Casey def (30) Isabelle Frye, 6-1, 6-3
Courtney's younger sister, Kylie, took the court next after her own defeat. Not too many great things could be said about Frye's game in set 1, as she was obviously and understandably nervous. The first set took only 27 minutes with Casey taking it 6-1. The second set was much higher quality as Isabelle used her powerful serve to take a 3-2 lead. After that it was all Casey who fired 41 winners (!) to 14 errors (!) and took the match in 1:07. She will play against the victor of #13 Molly Broussard and in-form #3 seed Azalea Blake.

(3) Azalea Blake def (13) Molly Broussard, 7-5, 6-2
The number 3 seed Azalea Blake and number 13 seed Molly Broussard took Centre Court first on Manic Monday. They have played once before in Charleston. Blake's game was hindered by a right shoulder injury in that match, which she eventually conceded in straight sets. The exact same situation was unfolding under Blake's nose, falling behing 5-3 in the first set. However, Broussard's game began to fall apart, and Blake stormed back to win the set 7-5. The second set was deadlocked at 2-2. Neither player was giving an inch. However, Blake's serve seemed to be crumbling and she saw herself fall behind, 0-40. Broussard hit error after error in the forthcoming games, and Blake seized the oppotunity, winning 7-5, 6-2. Her victory set up a clash with Kylie Casey, whom she defeated at Eastbourne last week.

(1) Lilli Todd def (14) Lucie Horackova, 6-0, 6-2
A second match at a Grand Slam between Todd and Horackova commenced second on Centre Court. They have played twice in the past, at Rome and Roland Garros. Both matches were close, but won by Todd in straight sets. Unusually, Horackova came out cold, and Todd came out swinging only hitting 1 (!) unforced error the entire first set. She destroyed Horackova 6-0 in 24 minutes. At the beginning of the second set something clicked inside of Horackova, who took a 2-0 lead. This lead wasn't meant to be, as Todd virtually bagelled her again, taking the set and match in 52 minutes. Tommorrow, Todd will commence her match against Caroline Schroder.
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: WTA 2019 TE Tour

Postby evypatton9 » 07 Oct 2019, 04:37

2019 Wimbledon Round of 16 - Top Half

(9) Ryan Rios def (25) Lindsey Edwards, 6-3, 7-6(4)
Two in-form players took Court 1 with a Grand Slam quarterfinal in sight. In the first set, Edwards took a 3-1 lead, firing aces and volley winners. Rios serve-and-volleyed her way to level the set, and then to take it 6-3. In the second set, Rios took a 2-0 lead, and both players held their serve until Rios served for the match at 5-4. After holding a 30-15 lead, Edwards broke and leveled the second set. At 5-6, Rios served to force and tiebreak and did just that with an amazing love hold. The tiebreaker had mini-breaks for both but it was Rios who took the 6-4 lead, and fired an ace for the win.

(23) Ekaterina Vasilieva def (8) Isla Valencia, 7-6(6), 5-7, 6-4
The longest match of the Championships so far took place last on Court 1. Valencia got off to a great start, breaking her opponent's serve and getting a 4-1 lead. Valencia cracked at 4-2 and allowed Vasilieva to break for 4-3. Both players held to force a tiebreak. In the breaker, Vasilieva jumped out to a 6-3 lead before Valencia leveled it at 6-6. The point at 6-6 was a huge missed opportunity for the number 8 seed who missed an easy volley, and succumbed to a backhand winner. The second set was the most dramatic. Vasilieva took a 4-1 lead this time, before it was Valencia who broke twice to serve for the set at 5-4. This opportunity was relinquished after Valencia squandered 2 set points and was broken. She eventually broke and closed the set out on her third set point. The final set was a serving masterclass, as neither player faced a break point until 5-4 Vasilieva. She took a 40-0 lead on Valencia's serve, but was denied when Valencia got it back to deuce. However, she double-faulted and Vasilieva took the match in 2:21 on her fourth match point. She booked her place into the final 8 and will play the winner of (20) Bailey Tyson and (4) Alexa Ghaith.

(2) Tessa DeHart def (15) Elise Cain, 6-4, 6-2
The number 2 seed and French Open champion took to the Centre Court against Elise Cain. They have played once before in the Paris International tournament. DeHart got off to a shaky start and was broken for 3-1. Elise Cain's consistency seemed to be troubling the world number 2, but she shook it off. DeHart came back and won the set 6-4. In the second set, play was suspended due to rain, so the roof was closed. Upon arrival, DeHart tormented her opponent, breaking twice and winning 6-4, 6-2. She will face (9) Ryan Rios in the quarterfinals.

(4) Alexa Ghaith def (20) Bailey Tyson, 6-0, 6-3
In the last match of Manic Monday, former number 1 Ghaith took to court against Bailey Tyson. Tyson, who models her game after Novak Djokovic, started slow and quickly went down 0-5. At 0-5, her serve looked to be stronger and she even had a few game points, but it wasn't to be. Ghaith stole the set 6-0. Tyson's game looked up in the second set, and she held serve 3 times. Sadly she was broken at a crucial point in the match, and fell 6-0, 6-3 to the much more experienced Ghaith. Ghaith will play her quarterfinal match against (23) Ekaterina Vasilieva.

That's it for the 4th round folks. Summaries of the quarterfinal match will be uploaded most likely tomorrow. Please if you read this, give some feedback/suggestions to make this more enjoyable for you. :D
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Re: WTA 2019 TE Tour

Postby evypatton9 » 08 Oct 2019, 05:05

2019 Wimbledon Quarterfinals

(1) Lilli Todd def Caroline Schroder, 6-1, 6-1
An unstoppable Lilli Todd took on unseeded Caroline Schroder in the quarterfinals of the 2019 Wimbledon Championships. There is not much to speak about this match, as it was barely a match, but Schroder did show some hope as she saved a match point at 0-5 and held her serve. 6-1, 6-1 was the final score, as Todd hit a backhand volley for the win. She will face the winner of Azalea Blake and Kylie Casey in the semifinal.

(12) Kylie Casey def (3) Azalea Blake, 4-6, 6-2, 7-5
An amazing match full of fight and grit unfolded in front of the audience's eyes on Centre Court. The first set saw early break points for Casey, but none were taken. While serving to stay in the set, Blake broke and served first in the second. Casey was determined to grab a semifinal berth in a major, and quickly got a 4-0 lead. It was smooth sailing from there, and Casey closed the set out 6-2. The third set was full of many twists and turns. Blake was the first to break, and zoomed to a 3-0 lead. After squandering a break point at 3-0 40-30, the match fell out of Blake's hands. She was broken back and was broken at the crucial 4-4 game. Casey was serving for a three-set victory over the number 3 seed, but Blake was determined to win. She saved a match point and broke for 5-5. At 5-5, Blake let a 30-0 lead slip to be broken for the third time in the set. Casey easily closed the match out on a return error. The first-time Grand Slam semifinalist will face number 1 seed Lilli Todd on Thursday.

(4) Alexa Ghaith def (23) Ekaterina Vasilieva, 6-3, 6-2
Alexa Ghaith, an Australian Open semifinalist and former world number 1, played her quarterfinal match against Ekaterina Vasilieva. Ghaith broke Vasilieva's serve in the second game of the match, but was quickly broken back. Yet again, Vasilieva was broken the Ghaith could consolidate, pushing through to a 4-1 lead. Ghaith closed out the set on an ace. The second set was early disappointment for Vasilieva, who failed to convert three break points to grab a break lead. After these hardships, Vasilieva lost focus and Ghaith served amazingly. Vasilieva won her second and final game of the set at 1-5, but was soon dismissed. Ghaith moves on with a score of 6-3, 6-2 and will face either rival and doubles partner Tessa DeHart or number 9 seed Ryan Rios.

(2) Tessa DeHart def (9) Ryan Rios, 6-4, 6-1
In the last match of the quarterfinal stage, world number 2 Tessa DeHart took to court against (9) Ryan Rios. Rios's game is based around a big serve and great volleys. However after getting a break in the second game, Rios lost momentum and was broken twice thereafter. DeHart closed the set out on her serve 6-4. The second set was domination from the French Open champion, who lists her favorite surface as grass. She got two early breaks, and sadly for Rios, there was no coming back. DeHart closed out a 6-4, 6-1 victory and will face great friend and great rival Alexa Ghaith on Thursday.

That's the last of the quarterfinals. Semifinals will be played tomorrow and summaries will be up later. Please let me know if you read this, and if you do please help me out and give some feedback. Adios :D
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Re: WTA 2019 TE Tour

Postby evypatton9 » 09 Oct 2019, 03:47

2019 Wimbledon Semifinals

(1) Lilli Todd def (12) Kylie Casey, 6-0, 1-6, 7-5
Lilli Todd, playing in her second Grand Slam semifinal, was due to face number 12 seed Kylie Casey. On this semifinal Thursday, showers started to pour down, so the roof was closed on Centre Court. In one of the most shocking sets of tennis of the year, Todd did not give in to Casey's ball striking abilities. An obviously nervous Casy was broken in the first game and things did not look up. Todd stole the first set 6-0. The second set was just as crazy. Casey held to 15 in the first game. Loud applause could be heard throughout the stadium. Again to the surprise of the Centre Court crowd, Casey broke Todd's serve for the first time and consolidated the break as well. The start of a great match occurred. Todd, who was rattled by her opponent's sudden good form, was broken at 1-4 and hit a return error on set point. Casey's consistency won her the set 6-1. The third set was the most up-and-down set I've ever seen played in TE. Todd held the first game. After, the momentum swung in Casey's direction who broke Todd's serve for a 2-1 lead. Sadly, her serve let her down twice, and Todd was again in the lead 4-2. Todd then let a 4-2 30-0 lead slip and Casey got it back to 4-4. In one of the most pressure-filled games of the match, Todd showed amazing mental strength and held to love. Crazily enough, Todd squandered a 40-0 (three match points) lead at 5-4 slide through her fingers. Deadlocked at 5-5, Todd once again held. Finally after 1:51, Todd won the match after Casey hit a backhand volley in the net. Todd fell to her knees, filled with joy about her second Grand Slam final. She will face one of her biggest rivals, Alexa Ghaith or Tessa DeHart, in the final.

(4) Alexa Ghaith def (2) Tessa DeHart, 6-4, 7-5
Although not as compelling as the match beforehand, the match between great friends and doubles partners, Alexa Ghaith and Tessa DeHart, was a great match filled with hard-hitting baseline battles. Ghaith was the first one to break, at 1-1 in the first. She then held the lead until the final hurdle, in which she closed out the set 6-4. The much more dramatic second set fascinated the crowd. After multiple early break points saved, Ghaith relinquished her serve at 1-2, and DeHart was in the lead. Sadly for her, she could not hold on to it and was quickly broken back. At 3-3, a dramatic 11-minute game consisted of 5 break points for Ghaith and 4 game points for DeHart. Ghaith could not seize the opprtunity, and fell behind 3-4. She got it back to level terms, but at 4-5 she showed great mentality to come back from a 0-30 hole and hold. She quickly broke DeHart, and served out the match on her 4th match point. She will face (1) Todd in the final on Saturday (real time: tomorrow)

Okay so the semifinals are finished and tomorrow I will simulate the doubles and singles final. Thanks for reading to those who did, and please post a reply to help me make this more enjoyable for you. Thank you! :D
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Re: WTA 2019 TE Tour

Postby evypatton9 » 13 Oct 2019, 23:59

Okay well I don't think anyone actually read these posts so I'm just gonna stop posting on this thread
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