Tomas Berdych - Road To Grand Slam Title

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Is Berdych one of the best to never win a GS? Write,who are your best players to never win a GS?

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No, there are many better that have never won a GS.
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Re: Tomas Berdych - Road To Grand Slam Title

Postby VernieBoi » 18 Jul 2019, 08:48

(part 7)

Here we go to USA! Of course, all of the players from the top were there, only person missing from Top 20 was No.2 Roger Federer.
In the first round we faced USA's wild card Michael Russell, Berdych gave him no chance, didn't have to face any BPs throughout the match and won easily 6/0 6/3

In second round, our opponent was Mariano Zabaleta, 17th seeded player. The match was very interesting as we saw 7 BPs on each side, but no breaks in all of the match. Berdych took the first tiebreak without problem 7-2. Zabaleta was leading in the second 5-2, Berdych got back, but still lost 7-9 and in the third tiebreak Berdych again dominated and won 7-3 to win this tiebreak battle.

In third round, Berdych had to face 15th seeded Albert Costa. Berdych surprisingly had good start to tough match, and broke Costa to lead 2/0, he than took another his serve and finished set 6/3. Both guys held their services until 5/4 for Costa, when Berdych somehow didn't serve any first services and lost the set 4/6. In the third both held their services until 3/2 for Berdych, when he started to dominate and finished the match with love game on return to advance to his first R16 on Masters 1000.

In R16, Berdych faced Gaston Gaudio, 29th seeded player. I expected Berdych to not have many chances, but he surprised us all when he won the first set 6/4, Gaudio was 3 times on 0-30 on return and the other two times got to 30-30, still Berdych won all of the games without having to save a single breakpoint, Gaudio even won more return points than Berdych, still wasn't enough to take the first set. Berdych often won the big points after great first serve, but those weren't there in 8th game in second set as Gaudio finally broke Berdych for the first time in the match and finished the set with a love game 6/3. Third set was game wised probably the most equal one, Berdych had 2 BPs, but sadly didn't use any of them, Gaudio converted his only breakpoint and won the final set 6/4.

Quick Results
1R - Berdych X Russell(WC) 6/0 6/3
2R - Berdych X Zabaleta(17) 7/6(2) 6/7(7) 7/6(3)
3R - Berdych X Costa(15) 6/3 4/6 6/2
4R - Berdych X Gaudio(29) 6/4 3/6 4/6

Ranking before: 55
Ranking after: 53

Highlights of the week
Indian Wells - M. Safin X F. Lopéz 6/4 6/3 7/6(4)

Final Review
Happy with Indian Wells, 2nd big tournament this year and another atleast R16 result. Gaudio deserved the win in the match, surely, but Berdych was still close to take another big win. Hope to get good result in Miami too :yes:
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Tomas Berdych - Road To Grand Slam Title

Postby VernieBoi » 20 Jul 2019, 22:32

(part 8)

First Miami opponent was 56th ranked Jarkko Nieminen.
Berdych had some troubles on serve, but still won all of his games. Nieminen had fantastic net play in the first set with 17 won points from 22 tries, but he made 3 mistakes on net in fourth game and these mistakes lost him the first set, Berdych won 6/3.
Nieminen looked like he gave up after the loss of first set. He made 3 baseline errors in first game, Berdych then scored classy passing shot and got break by love game.
Berdych dominated, took one more break to make it 4/1 and finished with another for 6/3 6/1 win.

Secound round opponent was 20th seeded Sebastien Grosjean.
First set was really strange. Grosjean was much better player the first 6 games, he won his first 3 service games without losing point, meanwhile won at least two points on every Berdych's service game, but didn't get to any breakpoints. Next 6 games were completely turned around, as Berdych was the one that won his services without trouble, and he even got to 5 BPs in two games, still didn't convert any of them. So the first set went to tie-break and Berdych continued to play better than Grosjean and won without any problem 7-3
Grosjean took first break of the match right in the start of the second set. He was even close to take double break lead, but Berdych held his serve, yet haven't convert any of his 2 BPs and lost the set 4/6.
Berdych started off strongly in last set, he finally, on his eighth chance, with a love game, broke Grosjean and took 2/0 lead. Berdych served the match out without complications, he even made 6 aces in his last two games, and won the last set 6/3.

We went against Todd Woodbridge in third round. We already faced Woodbridge in Brisbane, and Berdych won 2/6 6/3 10-3,
The match was really fast paced, points were often ended after few shots and first set went to tiebreak after just 36 minutes. TWENTY points without minibreak, that's how tiebreak went, until Berdych hit great cross passing shot when Woodbridge was approaching net. And he finished the first set with his twelvth ace to win 7/6(10).
Second set was same story, now it took just 35 minutes to get to tiebreak. Berdych again held all of the points on his service and this time stole two of Woodbridge's to win this tricky match 7/6(10) 7/6(4)

In R16 we faced 27th seeded Guillermo Canas, another man we went against in Brisbane, but we lost to this one.
If Berdych's improvement by 60 places is impressive, then I don't know what to say about his, because he went from 145 to 30 in 11 weeks of this season.
Berdych was the first to win a break, when he took Canas' service in fourth game, but Canas got back up after eight minute game. Both guys held their services from this point and, same as Brisbane, first set was decided in tiebreak. Tiebreak was very close, but in the end
Canas used that Berdych had to face setpoint with second serve and made big return winner to win tiebreak 9-7.
I don't know how to describe second set, Berdych probably played his best tennis there, he made 16 winners and just 2 errors and won 6/0.
But Berdych couldn't stay this good in the third set and lost his service game once and didn't get to any to breakpoint and lost third set 3/6.

Quick Results
1R - Berdych X Nieminen 6/3 6/1
2R - Berdych X Grosjean(20) 7/6(3) 4/6 6/3
3R - Berdych X Woodbridge 7/6(10) 7/6(4)
4R - Berdych X Canas(27) 6/7(7) 6/0 3/6

Ranking before: 53
Ranking after: 43
Berdych gets to Top 50 for the first time in his career :yes:

Highlights of the week
Miami - (2)R. Federer X A. Roddick(1) 6/4 7/5 7/5(6)

Final Review
Great result after great result 8-) Berdych again showed that he can break to Top 20, if he continues playing like this. Next is clay season, we will probably play just the 3 Masters and Roland Garros, not really expecting much, we'll see if we can have some decent results here too.
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Tomas Berdych - Road To Grand Slam Title

Postby chriscobain » 22 Jun 2021, 19:43

VernieBoi wrote:Hello, thanks.
In Data Folder you have to go to TourCategory.(ATP or WTA) in every category there is line where is written: ''TieInLastSet'', you have to change to 2 (code for Master Tiebreak, 1 is for classic tie-break at 6-6 and 0 is for no tie-break.). You also have here ''TieDoubleLastSet'' which belongs to Doubles Matches, if this line is not here, you can simply add it, nothing will happen to the game. :yes:

Does this work for simulated matches as well? And will "TieInLastSetQ" work for qualies then?
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