ATP Tour Updates

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ATP Tour Updates

Postby nschulman20 » 28 Feb 2010, 06:48

Hey Manutoo,

I Don't post much; but long time player of the world tour. Love the game, really is the most realistic tennis experience; especially playing in World Tour.

One of the things that makes it so great; is it's so similar to what your experience would be if you were an ATP/WTA player.

On your next update, (since this is a fairly large request, it might have to wait for TE 2010), but whenever... can you update the format to the changes made by ATP?

The changes would include things like:

Ranking Points associated with the new structure ATP 250, ATP 500, ATP 1000 from first round to winner
Change Masters Series to Masters 1000
Update some of the courts to match the real tourney's
Changing the status of all the tournaments on the ATP tour to match the correct tournament ranking (250, 500, 1000) from first round to winner
Update prize money associated with the real tournament, for all the tournaments played, from first round to winner

This would be pretty easy, albeit tedious update. You could get all of the information on the specific tournaments on

I have lots of ideas/suggestions just like all the die hard fans on this forum; but i'll keep all but the ones I've listed above to myself. I think we are in good hands with you to keep making this game, the best tennis game out there!


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Re: ATP Tour Updates

Postby manutoo » 01 Mar 2010, 06:03


yup, new major update will have the updated points & tournament schedule. Coming in a few months... :yes:
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Re: ATP Tour Updates

Postby Roger Federer CRC » 02 Mar 2010, 02:39

It's great idea...
Roger Federer CRC

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Re: ATP Tour Updates

Postby A-Rod » 02 Mar 2010, 03:19

It would be better in year 2009 double the points and put the new rank system, like last year was on ATP
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