Some issues with Tennis Elbow on the Mac

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Some issues with Tennis Elbow on the Mac

Postby noletheway » 14 Dec 2018, 02:10

Hi Manu

I had recently changed my Mac Laptop to a new one and I copied the Tennis Elbow folders to the Mac. There were some issues with that, so I downloaded the latest version of Tennis Elbow which was still using the path.

The top left hand corner of the screen had some stuff on the top which would be some changes in the tennis.ini. The scorecard for the modded tournaments though used to be visible but is not showing anymore. Also I feel that my player is hitting his forehand first when the ball is not even near but when the ball comes near, the ball goes to the other side. I believe this must be some issue of the versions of the game. Can you please confirm that

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Re: Some issues with Tennis Elbow on the Mac

Postby manutoo » 14 Dec 2018, 06:40


the text on top left is shown when you set DevMode to 1 in the Tennis.ini .

For the other stuff, I don't know what's going on ; I guess it's about Modding.
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