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midget super players - boykott

Postby milos » 16 Aug 2009, 20:40

I know this issue was already discussed in this forum. However, playing some aprox. 250 matches online so far, I must say that the extra power given to these short players is just not fair to the others. they are like these super players, they get to every ball (this is fine), but the power they have, and the strong serve they got is just not realistic at all. as far as i know in real tennis, the only advantage of being smaller is that the player is faster around the court. apart from this their size (or lack of it) is a real problem for them. in tennis elbow because of their unfairly given extra power they become quite unbeatable.

my point is that a lot of new players are using this "bug" (in y opinion) gain extra power, which is not fair. if someone wants to make a shorter player, they should not be rewarded with extra power. if so, why not give that little extra speed to the taller players??

i know this issue was discussed here on the forum, so i don't know if my post will have any actual change in the game itself, but i for one will no longer play against these players, and will simply boykott them.
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Re: midget super players - boykott

Postby X-Ter » 16 Aug 2009, 22:09

Don't taller players have better reach though?
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