New and looking for best offline SIM experience

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New and looking for best offline SIM experience

Postby Dox » 04 Jan 2016, 19:30

Just purchased this from Steam last night after seeing it on sale. I had given up on tennis after never being able to do what I wanted in career with the Topspin series(plus gameplay was lacking real depth even in the last version).

Finally after looking up info and playing the demo my long search appears to be over. I have always wanted to sim a real tour with myself playing as a real player or made up one. Mainly being able to go thru events and having history. The fact that this game does that and plays so well is a welcome relief.

So what I am looking for is what is the best mod to start. I am sure once I get going I can follow from there but not sure if something like Sam's is still the best for offline mode or if someone outdid that. Could also be that I need to use an old version and add to it myself with another mod here and there. I see the one version looks great but that appears to be online mode only.

I am hoping to play a career as a starter character in the 1970's to whenever version and start a career in the modern day with a fully rounded player(real or not) after that.
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