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Postby Guest » 15 Mar 2015, 17:57

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with the best set up using an xbox 360 controller please and what button does what.I'm enjoying the game but only using one button,the game isn't really very helpful in that way.
What does fire 1 etc do ? ie what shot ?
And also can somebody explain how to mod the game (steam version) and suggest some good mods ?

Re: Controls

Postby Arvis » 15 Mar 2015, 20:53

Each mod thread has its own instructions on how to install whichever mod you're looking up. If you're just looking to do ATP, this should be all you need: topic29-18104.php

As for the controls, I'm not entirely sure if this is correct, but "Fire 1" is your standard shot. On an Xbox controller, I recommend mapping it to "A". Then "Fire 2" is your slice, as well as drop shots and defensive lobs. I'd map that to "X". Then the combination of BOTH buttons is your "acceleration" or "aggressive groundstroke" if you have a short ball you want to attack. This can also be mapped to one button, so I recommend the right trigger or right bumper.
And then, of course, map the "Menu" function to the "Start" button. There should be "Control Options" right there on the main screen when you load it up.
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Re: Controls

Postby manutoo » 16 Mar 2015, 05:46

you can see the strike list here : ... ml#strikes .
Then in-game, you should change the controls to your liking (default ones aren't good for Xbox controller) in the "Controls" menu on right side bar visible in most menus.
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