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Sprint Mechanic

Postby clown » 25 Sep 2014, 21:12

I guess this is more of an idea/suggestion for the next instalment rather than an update to the current one.
I suppose I'll start with what bugs me first - the character acceleration. In normal neutral rallies it's okay - I would prefer it higher, but what really bugs me is when I need to "sprint" to the ball but I move so sluggishly until I'm at full speed. In real life you can see when the players go full speed (like chasing down a really good drop shot) there's such a big difference between that and a normal rally. As a tennis simulation game I think a mechanic around this would add to the realism.
You would still move as you do now as normal, but when you press the sprint button you will.. Well.. Sprint. Of course there'd be drawbacks such as increased stamina drain or worse change in direction between left/right and forward/back movement, to prevent it being used constantly.

On that note, the sluggishness when changing direction at low speed is really annoying. I'll be retreating to the center (due to the low acceleration I would only be moving at walking speed) and the opponent hits back behind me. Fine, that's a smart play, but the ball is only 1 large stride away and it is still a winner! If I was at full speed - okay, can't change direction that easily, but when I was only moving slowly?

On a completely different note, one of the forehand animations has a different animation when accelerating and when hitting a normal shot. Is it possible for for me to take 2 different animations that are already there and do the same thing? (ie, animation 1 when hitting normal shot and animation 2 when accelerating?).
On that note, I noticed after the last update I think that some players have different forehand slice animations, but I don't see to have an option for forehand slice in character customization.
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Re: Sprint Mechanic

Postby manutoo » 26 Sep 2014, 03:58


with 90% & up in Speed skill, TE players accelerate & change of direction faster than any real tennis player, and they're not far from Bolt's 100-meter world record, on the first 20 meters.
So putting a Sprint button would probably mean slowing down the current movements, not introducing faster ones.
I'm thinking regularly about that since many years but so far the conclusion has always been it'd make the game too hard to handle.

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