TE should have TS4 gameplay

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Re: TE should have TS4 gameplay

Postby manutoo » 09 Sep 2014, 04:20

that's correct ; I played only 15 minutes at TS4 and it was a long time ago, but I guess the anims control the gameplay (at least it worked like that in TS3), where in TE the gameplay controls the anims ; basically, it means in TE you're more free, but the anims might look strange when you use this freedom. TE4 should propose some IK and/or anim blending for at least put the racket a bit closer of the ball when it's high/down (especially on volley where it's extremely needed).
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Re: Previsional "Tennis Elbow 4" Planning

Postby ComeonANDY!! » 09 Sep 2014, 23:10

I was just flicking through some threads before my bedtime and then i'd seen these posts...

kingdjokovic wrote:ComeonANDY!!, from the first moment I noticed that you are unpleasant jerk so just don't say anything. and you're andy murray fan? if you like grumpy scottish tennis players so don't make fun of me.

PMSL... :notworthy: BTW.. Your idol Nole, is very good friends with Andy off court :wink: so he must like "grumpy Scottish tennis players" also.. :yes:

kingdjokovic wrote:So I meant that the game need realistic shots, and that my mistake but manutoo, comeonandy and pattyschnider didn't had to be jerks.

You'd said "gameplay" It's not our fault that you'd got your words mixed up... :roll: We were responding to the 'GAMEPLAY' comment.
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Re: TE should have TS4 gameplay

Postby mr2299muslim » 20 Dec 2014, 10:12

Topspin 4 cant a hold a candle to tennis elbow, tennis elbow has evrything that a tennis game needs, its gameplay is unbelievably realistic, but if the developers were to release on a grander scale ,improving presentation graphics texturing and all, it would awesome like on a console like ps4 or xb1, it wud be amazing
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Re: TE should have TS4 gameplay

Postby fdsfsdf » 23 Jan 2015, 21:20

I love how everyone here says ts4 is crap when it is so much more fun than this game, and when they talk about realistic ahahah, it still is just a videogame, and somethings are more realistic, but most aren't. And playing online is just the same as in ts4 and all online videogames, most people are retards who just want to win and they'll use the most cheap shots and tactics and repeat them for thousands of matches and they think they are amazing, even play virtual tournaments and are in virtual rankings, it's pretty sad. I see this as this good analogy i think that most people can understand: Nadal plays, for the most part, not very pleasant (to say the least) to watch tennis and use not so pleasant tactics just to win, and it works most of the time. Federer is the complete opposite, he'll play for the fun of it most of the time, and not do some things he could easily do just to win. And i think today was a good example of this, and it is becoming more like this as he ages as his will to win vanishes.
Oh and i heard the creator of this game used to work for 2K, the creators of TS4. I don't know if he was involved in the development of it, but i would like to hear him about this
I really hope this game gets exposure with steam and people judge it for what it is and not what it could be, so maybe it can evolve and offer a fun experience.

Re: TE should have TS4 gameplay

Postby Macprogood » 03 Mar 2015, 01:03

TE is much more realistic.
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