Short backhand slice and short "volley" return of serve

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Short backhand slice and short "volley" return of serve

Postby CC » 25 Jan 2009, 04:38

I've been watching the Australian Open on TV, and I have two shots that I would like to know how to do in TE2009. The first is the short backhand slice, and the second is the "volley" type short return of serve.

1- The short backhand slice is used by many players, those with 2-handed backhand even (Nadal). It is similar to a drop shot, but I think that maybe it has more backspin on it and possibly a little higher bounce. It is used to bring a player to the net or to create a difficult angle of return. It is deceptive, as it may at first look like a normal strike. The backspin makes it not go very far forward on the bounce, and the placement of it can make it very difficult to hit a passing shot should the other player follow the slice with coming to the net. So, the one who hit the short slice will often either stay back a bit to the opposite side of the opponent or come to net on the opposite side of the opponent. I would like to know how best to hit this in TE2009 (exactly what preparation is needed).

2- The short "volley" type return of serve is something that I have seen used many times. The returner basically holds the racket out in front of their body and pushes the ball back so that it clears the net but is very short. It is different from the regular or accelerated short shot in TE2009. I've seen it used many times to bring a player in or to create time for the one who hit it to move to the net. It is very effective at making the server have to move forward quickly right after the serve. How may I hit this in TE2009?

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Re: Short backhand slice and short "volley" return of serve

Postby manutoo » 25 Jan 2009, 06:38


1- no free button combination for any new shot

2- the short strike would be the closest of that
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