Player Skills in world tour mode

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Player Skills in world tour mode

Postby Crud » 16 Jun 2013, 16:42

Hello. I have problem.My player in world tour mode is still worse and worse because i don't have so many experience. My player is worse from tournament to tournament and i don't have so many experience to make him better. How to do that my player can be better than is? SORRY FOR MY HORRIBLE ENGLISH

Re: Player Skills in world tour mode

Postby Metalliguitare » 16 Jun 2013, 17:09


I'm playing TE for some weeks now, i'm not a pro but all i can say to improve your character stats :

- Play doubles, i read that it can give you 50% more XP
- Lower your difficulties if you think it too hard. I play junior 8-9 on my side and increase difficulty bit per bit. the main thing is enjoy, not always lose 0/6.
- When i began, i did play singles + doubles one week, but didn't play the week after. That let you have some XP the first week, and the second to build up your stats.

Hope it helps
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