Attach sounds to gestures!!! no?

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Attach sounds to gestures!!! no?

Postby Uchiha Muss » 02 Jun 2013, 00:28

Hello Y'all.

So I was watching highlights of women's tennis (I know. I like some of that!) They seem to use the word Come ON! more often than their counterparts in Male's tennis. That's what inspired me of this idea. I just sat there and....

Imagine, How cool would it be throw your racket down and hear HOW MANY TIMES? Or better yet, do a raging fist gesture and hear COME ON!
You know, I think that's pretty good idea, coming from a guy like me. I'm a guy who thinks bottle is half full. I drink the half and still think it's "full". :D
I don't know how people overuse=abuse it. But choice is there.

I can suggest turning it off or blocking if possible for those who don't like it, just like Chat can be blocked. Yeah that's my idea.
Just throwing it out there. Don't know if it's possible to attach sound files to gestures, but hey look on the bright side. It's morning. :|
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Re: Attach sounds to gestures!!! no?

Postby miharu0607 » 02 Jun 2013, 00:50

Instead of drinking (and writting after it), you should start reading the forum, cause your idea came to life a while ago. Check ElCroato sound pack, it's not as you wrote gesture + sound, but there is Fed's come on.
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