Tennis Elbow 2013 - Various Beginner Questions

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Tennis Elbow 2013 - Various Beginner Questions

Postby Aletheides » 12 Feb 2013, 23:10


I am new to the game, and was wondering about several issues, which I hope somebody here can answer:

1) a) All shots I can do (except for the dropshot), go either to the service line or to the baseline. I feel restricted as to variation in shot-length. Is it possible to aim well and long prepared shots at places in between those lines? Can you reproduce shots in between those lines?
b) Also, is it possible to hit a ball, maybe a very well prepared topspin, that bounces well between the net and the service line? If so, how?

c) Same question for serves: is it possible to aim and reproduce fast serves closer to the net than the near vicinity of the service line?
d) Are tall players better at serving than small players?

2) I read in the forums about a combo to execute a short slice, which is not mentioned in the documentation... Are there more "hidden" combos? Can anybody supply a full list of them?

3) All my slice-strokes have a strong amount of side-spin in them. Is it possible to play slices without side-spin?

4) The "counter" ability - with which button can I trigger it? Is it totally random, when/if you counter a ball?

5) Does the "topspin" ability affect shot power? Also, the points of this ability are seemingly not counted against the distributable points. Can I put 100 on topspin, even if I am in realistic mode, or is it downscaled there as well?

That's it, for starters at least ;)

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Tennis Elbow 2013 - Various Beginner Questions

Postby manutoo » 13 Feb 2013, 04:59


1) a) ... html#depth ; if you have a long time to prepare your strike, there's no reason to not aim long or short ; off-center B1 strikes let you somewhat aim at a certain depth, though (can be useful in some rare cases to pass an opponent at net)
b) Shortest short strike & short acc lands about 75cm before the service line.
c) no
d) no, except the ball bounces higher which pushes the opponent more far from his baseline

2) it's in the doc in your PC

3) no

4) there's no "counter ability" ; but pressing B1 at the last instant produce a ball that can go a bit anywhere in depth, and it looks like a counter shot when it gets long.

5) yes => ... ml#topspin ; topspin max is always 100%
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2013 - Various Beginner Questions

Postby Aletheides » 13 Feb 2013, 23:36

Thanks for your answers!

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