Online Ranking Rule [Reduced Points in Small Draws]

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Online Ranking Rule [Reduced Points in Small Draws]

Postby Viggy » 21 Oct 2018, 08:40

Oh My God, was shocked after seeing the draw. Whether my naked eye showing wrong numbers or this is what new things gonna change???????

I never saw such a draw before in my TE career. Someone from the panel can show some lights here in order to give big picture on the discovered ranking points for small tournaments????

Now a day it’s hard to find player’s participation in doubles even though singles always been popular among the players in TE. With this new rule of introducing the ranking points, definitely will slim the chance of the current player to think whether to queue for small draw tournaments (250, 500, 1000).

Also, I would like to info to the panel that consider the current active players and their suggestion before finalizing any decision henceforth. Even in ATP and WTA, active players are participating and sharing the ideas and thoughts before taking any call from the biggest organization.

This new rule will create the imbalance in the ranking system.. ATP 1000 turns into 500 this year might be 1000 next year. Ranking system gets imbalanced definitely with this approach. This rule will further discourage the player to participate in tournament after seeing fewer players queued and knowing that tour will fetch you very less point then why would player will queue for the tournament.

If I’m getting challenger level points by winning ATP 500 then I would request to remove the rule of max number of small tournaments allowed rule

Our idea should be to attract more participants into tour but with such a rule, I can see further downfall in our draw size too.
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Re: Online Ranking Rule

Postby manutoo » 22 Oct 2018, 06:35


the last doubles tournament has only 3 players, it can't really be much worse than this : OT_ViewTournament.php?Trn=1658 .

So you have the possibility of getting 125 points by winning only 1 match ; I don't think it's a too bad deal... :blackeye:

At 1st Shone didn't want to open the tournament at all, due to the lack of players, and giving 500 points for only 1 match won felt ridiculous.

Personally, I don't care either way but I can easily understand his opinion, so I proposed him to lower the given points in such case.

For me it has 1 advantage : if the doubles tour gets some traction back within a few months, the newcomers won't face opponents who got tons of points by playing only a very few matches, so they'll have a chance to climb the rankings quicker if they have the required skills.
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