Crash in the System.log [on TEM loading]

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Crash in the System.log [on TEM loading]

Postby xLMGx » 29 Sep 2007, 19:43

Game says that there is somekind of an crash in system.log and asks me to send a bug report. I have done this but it is really annoying to first buy game and then see it crash just after one day full usage :(...So please , some ideas to fix this.

Postby xLMGx » 29 Sep 2007, 19:48

Reinstalled the game and still have the same problem :(....


Postby someone » 29 Sep 2007, 21:26


Postby manutoo » 30 Sep 2007, 13:43


I received the crash reports.
It seems your current saved games somehow got corrupted.
Go to this directory (if you installed TEM in the default directory) :
C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow Manager\Profiles\Default
and then rename this file :
to :

Then launch the game again and load 1 of the weekly auto-saved game.
If it's still crashing when you load this older saved game, then you should send me all your "Profiles" directory (compressed in .zip or .rar) and I'll have a deep look at your saved games to try to figure what happened.
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