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Postby Juan » 08 Feb 2008, 17:25

manutoo wrote:Hello Juan,

SingleDouble : it's only used to determine what kind of tournament the player will be most likely to participate :
- if < 0, then it'll be mostly in singles
- 0, then equally singles & doubles
- if > 0, then mostly doubles

DoubleSpirit is used to make Double Specialists stronger in Doubles.
The DoubleSpirit skill doesn't have influence during single matches...

Here the skills to lower for double specialists : Forehand_Power, Forehand_Consistency, Forehand_Precision, Backhand_Power, Backhand_Consistency, Backhand_Precision, Service_Power, TopSpin, Speed, Stamina, Reflexes.

And the one you can raise : ForehandVolley, BackhandVolley, Smash, NetPresence, DoubleSpirit.
The most important being, of course : DoubleSpirit.

Thank you :D


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