Confused [Got qualified but never enter the Main draw !!]

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Confused [Got qualified but never enter the Main draw !!]

Postby MikhailM » 15 Sep 2007, 03:55

Downloaded the demo, seems pretty fun... but there's a problem (or, more likely scenario, I'm missing something but don't know what).

Entered a Future level tournament. The week before it's scheduled, I'm told I have to go through qualifying. OK, I go through it and qualify. Clicked on "Next Match" after that, and get a "do you want to go back to the Coach Center" message. Huh? I'm still in the tournament, aren't I? I select "No," obviously... but there's no more "Next Match" option, only "Next Week," and I have the full complement of training hours.

This happens for every tournament I've qualified for so far (all Future level). In short, I seem to be unable to get into any main draws, therefore my ranking doesn't go up, therefore I can't even bypass qualifying for any tournament by virtue of a sufficiently high ranking, and so on...

So, what am I missing here?

Postby manutoo » 15 Sep 2007, 06:53


thanks to report this coz actually it was a bug due to the latest modification I did yesterday.

You can now download the game again from the site, it should work fine...
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Postby MikhailM » 15 Sep 2007, 17:11

Lucky me. :P OK, thanks!

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