Raising a tennis star

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Raising a tennis star

Postby Guest » 24 Aug 2007, 22:48

How do you raise them because I have gotten to a career high of #4 and have won Int'l Gold and Int'l series titles, and Masters. This is a new career.

I've the finals of all 4 slams
AO (2003)
FO ( 2001,2004,2005)
Wimbledon ( 2002,2006)
USO ( 2000, 2002, 2004)

I shouldv'e won at least one of those but lost to various people, and I dpn't think that you can make number 1 on the game without winning a slam, as some do in real life.

Can someone please help I'm talking to the people who have won Slams and countless other tourneys.

Postby manutoo » 25 Aug 2007, 06:53


just 1 thing : be sure to download the latest version of TEM, coz a couple of weeks ago I corrected a bug that happened when you lost the 1st set that made you usually lost the 2nd as well.
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Postby Rob4590 » 25 Aug 2007, 12:14

Yes you can make number 1 without winning a slam, its just hard to do so because the 4 slams have approx double the points available than the 9 masters series events. Those events in turn have 2 to 3 times the amount of points available in regular ATP events. In the game you TEND to need about 4000+ points in total to become no 1.

A win in a slam is 1000, Runner up is 700.
IMS - win = 500, RU = 350
Regular = win = 100-250, RU = 75-150

If you are highly ranked then you MUST count all results in the 4 slams, the 9 IMS events, and then your 5 best results from other events.

So you really only need to play 20-24 events per year in total. In general - I try and have a week off before each Slam, in order to make sure that my short term form is close to 100% for the slams, since they are long hard events, especially if you are playing doubles as well.

Hope this helps
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Postby Serena_Fan » 25 Aug 2007, 15:47

I posted the thread, and have just become number one in the world It was a long road back but I won the French Open and got to number 7 then won the U.S. Open and got to 1 and then I got blisters, and couldn't comepete in the masters, because of blisters. I wish you could compete injured.
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