game difficulty changing?!

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game difficulty changing?!

Postby Cenc » 19 Jul 2007, 10:44

well after i bought the game i have been playing it for a while.
i ended my 1st career (start season 1998) and i made a player who won about 85 titles, ended 6 years as world number one about 120-130 weeks in his career he was n1, won 13 grand slams etc etc
(it was all on incredible level)

then i started a new career also on incredible level start season 1990

i tried to make a new player whod be as good as the former one what is not possible:
1) he learns like retarded person-i made a net player and i have to practise serve speed for 20 hours to get 1,5% faster serve?!?!?!
2) and somehow i put skills like baseline game (all shots) about 60 serve all about 85 volley about 70 spec skills about 50
but then it became impossible to get better any more-he started losing skills like crazy. for example i train serve for 15 hours and in that time i get 1% better serve but in the same time he loses 10% of all other shots even mental and physical skills.
3) i gave him 2 stars at injury resistence but he gets injured at least 5 times during the season for maybe 20 days each time always because of digestion problems...

so i stopped playing tem few days ago just because i think this game still has quite many bugs...

and now i wonder: should this game really be more difficult in earlier years or its a bug?!

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Postby manutoo » 19 Jul 2007, 11:19

Hello Cenc,

it seems you got many bugs but you never sent me ur saved games..! :?

I need them to look at the bugs and hopefully correct them..!

But it seems that after all you managed to play a full career, so I guess the bugs happen only in some special cases...

So could you :
1- send me your saved games ?
2- then after that, download and install the latest version of TEM ? (I just updated it yesterday)
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