what are the good points of TEM ?

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what are the good points of TEM ?

Postby OPETH » 17 Jul 2007, 00:27

Hi, I've recently bought Tennis Elbow, took 1 minute of practice play to convince me to buy it lol.
I love the game so much because the World tour mode realistic unlike console tennis games.

Take for Example Virtua Tennis, A good playable tennis game but the World tour is very random and does not resemble a real life ATP tour.
Plus I dont like the fact most the players are made up names.
Bringing me to smash court tennis pro touranment 2, the best console tennis game, the World Tour mode is simular to an ATP tour with a good rankings system and season structure.
Big problem is there are 242 made up players lol, and made touranments.

In Tennis Elbow was shocked an delighted to see what is a good simualtion of the ATP season, far better than I've seen on any other game.

On to the gameplay of Tennis Elbow, thats not bad either, I like the way the game is playable even if using keyboard.
And the Variation of shots and play styes the game allows you to do that other tennis games dont simulate well.
You can tell a difference between surfaces, which is a big plus.
A serve and Volly player is unlikely to beat me on clay, but on Grass I will useaully loose to a serve and Volly player.
Henman has beaten me a few times on grass, and only once on clay.

I'd go as far as saying overall best tennis I've everplayed 9/10

Anyway, I would like some more information about Tennis Manager, can anyone tell me a few things about it.
Like what you do in it, How do you train your player, what are involved with? is it worth buying like Tennis Elbow was?

Postby manutoo » 17 Jul 2007, 08:11


you can get a few answers here : https://www.managames.com/tennismanager/ ... l#training

Playing the Manager is very different from playing TE2006, it surely not appeals to the same kind of mood. So to know if you like it or not, the best is to test the demo by yourself.
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Postby OPETH » 17 Jul 2007, 11:14

thats looks really good, I'm gonna buy that outright :)

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