TEM Questions [training bonus & energy bar]

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TEM Questions [training bonus & energy bar]

Postby sandramondayorchestra » 06 Apr 2007, 20:35

Couple TEM questions:

(1) Why doesn't hiring a trainer increase the percentages on the training screen?

(2) Is there anyway to add an energy bar to the training screen?
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Postby Tennis_Mad_Andy » 06 Apr 2007, 21:18

I'm not anyone involved with the people who make it or anything, but I have bought the game and I think I can explain the questions you ask :)

Number 1... You ask why doesen't hiring a trainer increase the percentages on the training screen.

Well actually it does when you train up certain attributes, so say the guy you hire is a specialist in teaching volleys when when you train volleys on your player or players then they will go up faster than if you didnt have a trainer.

Number 2...There is actually an energy bar, its the ones called Short term Form and Long term Form, they both actually mean the fitness/energy of your player.

I do see what you mean when you say about energy though, because in a match energy and form are 2 different bars and I dont see an energy bar in the training screen. But I think maybe the short term form of your player influences the energy a bit. And also if you train him hard before a match his energy might drop slightly.
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Postby manutoo » 08 Apr 2007, 15:54


1- the bonus shown on the training page are the efficiency bonus you get when doing a combo training (several skills at same time); example : doing 6 hours of rally training is 50% better than doing 1 hour on each of the 6 rally skills.
If you want to know the bonus you get from your trainers, you can see them in the team screen.

2- the energy bar of the match screen is from the short term form; more exactly, it is :
Energy = Short Term Form * Form of the Day * Energy Spending
Form of the Day depends of your mental skills Consistency & Concentration, and changes everyday
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