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TEM thoughts

Postby Dougie » 05 Apr 2007, 15:18

I've been having a lot of fun with the retail version of Tennis Elbow Manager, so thumbs up to Mana Games for another solid tennis game.

It's light, quick fun, like a slimmed down Football Manager, which plenty of room for imagination, which I like.

A few things I'd love to see in future updates/versions:
* Some kind of past winners roll for various tournaments. I'd love to see who has won what over the past years. It's hard keeping track of which I have won, and having such statistics available would make it feel more like we're playing in a living, breathing world.
* Some kind of press interaction. From news stories to interviews that might effect your player's international status (and thus affect his sponsorship deals etc.)
* Little things like mini national flags next to the player names would give the tournament trees some colour.
* Pictures of the major tournaments in the background when they are taking place. Or some way to put them in ourselves (in case you would have to pay royalties or would be infringing copyright to distribute in a product).
* More years of play. The game feels a bit short and by the time I finish some of my players still have good years in them.

I thin you're onto a winning formula here, and, like Football Manager/Championship Manager, can be something great by keeping the core gameplay similar and just adding extra peripheral stuff that brings the world to life more.
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Postby Jippo » 05 Apr 2007, 17:56

You can see what tournaments you've won if you got the contract section for a player you control and click on career titles. Although it would be nice to see who won what for every year.

Also another suggestion would be to be able to request a wild card for tournaments.
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Postby Tennis_Mad_Andy » 05 Apr 2007, 19:42

Dougie, I agree totally! I bought this game about 4 days ago and I absolutely love it. I have Tennis Elbow 2006 aswell and I love management games so Tennis Elbow Manager seemed a good idea and it hasn't disapointed either :D Great work the guys who made it! I'm surprised you aren't more popular, you defanitly deserve to be.

Like you aswell Dougie, I have football manager 2007 and used to have the championship managers and this is really like the champ manager/ football manager of Tennis :) I haven't actually found one bug in it yet either which is very impressive.
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Postby manutoo » 08 Apr 2007, 15:34


>> past winners roll for various tournaments

it'll come in the future.

I note down other suggestions for later consolidations...

(thanks for the congratulation, it really cheers me up :) )
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