Starting your Carreer recomendations

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Starting your Carreer recomendations

Postby petrone_maxi » 09 Jun 2011, 18:48

Well, I´ve played a lot to this game, and I try to change things from game to game. But I always realize that I´ve got some very strong preferences.
I´m from Argentina, so my created player HAS to be Argentine too (I´ve tried to make him from other country, but I cant. Is stronger than me, jeje), but my manager is always from the U.S.A. to make the flights a lot shorter from almost everywhere I play(I also recomend to make an European Manager). I´ve got 1 Slam in the US, 3 Master 1000, 1 in Canada (Real Close) and is not as far from Europe or Australia.

I´ve never put a lot of stars to Potential Detection, because I like to focus on my Main Player. I like to put Maximum Stars to Negotiation Skills, some in Charisma and some in Mental Skills.
I used to play much with Ofensive Baseliner, because is easy to train and Highly efective. Now I use Puncher, cause is a little more versatile in all surface.
I always prefered Two Hands Backhand, but in the Game I hasn´t found any advantage for this. Instead it gives you a much lower Backhand Power Potential.
When I choose Special Talents I always choose 1 star of Early ball hit, 1 or 2 stars of Injury resistance, slice and kick serve (It gives you a GREAT bonus for aces and % of wining serve), 3 Stars Champion and 1 of Globbertrotter.

Whats your preferences?
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Re: Starting your Carreer recomendations

Postby Curtis » 18 Jun 2011, 04:58

I always play Emily Bouvier of France, and I play as a French coach. I change her from a Puncher to Varied, and give her two-fisted forehand and backhand (supposedly improves consistency).

As a coach I take maximum Potential Detection, because I put a lot of emphasis on my other recruited players, and in Luck, to try to improve the first round matchups (I'm not convinced it works). Usually one star in Charisma to slightly increase the pool of players to recruit from, and the one point left to Physiotherapy to help the players recover more quickly during the first year. I used to put maximum in Negotiations, then just the one point left over (instead of Physiotherapy), but I found it tended to lock the players up in very long contracts, and they're better off to sign new contracts frequently the first couple of years.

For Emily I put two stars each into Early Ball Hit and Ball Feeling, and one each into the three serves (to be good on all surfaces), Slice Mastery and Globe Trotter. I used to put two into Injury Resistance, but found that it didn't really affect either how often or how severely she got injured, so they were being wasted. I also used to put the three into Champion, but decided I'd rather improve her game (Early Ball Hit and Ball Feeling), and let her mental skills decide her gamesmanship. I'm not sure the Globe Trotter is really helping, so next time I might put one back into Champion.
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Re: Starting your Carreer recomendations

Postby Zorromorph » 03 Aug 2011, 04:57

I take maximum Potential in coaching, and also max out Charisma. Being able to hire more trainers makes a significant difference over time.
For the player it depends on player style.
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