Some coments

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Some coments

Postby petrone_maxi » 23 Nov 2010, 17:09

First of all, I wanna thank you for making such a fantastic game like TEM. I´ve been playing it for quite a while til I decided to buy it (Best purchase EVER). I LOVE THIS GAME! Its so adictive. I´ve played so much that I´ve managed to become Nº1 in Incredible dificulty.
I love the way the game is developed, the way the stadistics develop. I can see the historial of matchs and see who I beat in a Grand Slam Final, or what ranking was I in that moment, for examples. It makes my imagination fly away (the most important thing of a game). But the thing I love the most, is that I see a HUGE potential in the game. I think that it can be way better with a very little changes. So I will like to give you my humble opinion about the things that I believe could be better.

MONEY: At first is REALLY hard to get some. I like that, but is almost imposible to have cash for a trainer till you get a big ATP title.
But the real problem comes when you get A LOT of it. When you become a big hit, and you finish buying all the kind of courts in the training center it becames useless.
When you´ve got wining a GS or a M1000, you can aford the best planes and hotel for you and your 3 other trainers. But there´s no much left to do.

SERVING POTENTIAL: Is really hard to get an awesome serve. When you higher in any of the 3 serve skills (Power, Consistency and Precision), the potential of the other ones get lower. I get the idea of that (If your service is precise and consistent, it can´t be too powerfull, etc), but if that is the case, should´nt be the same with Rally skills (Power, Consistency and Presicion)?

SURFACE SKILL: I found a little inacurate the way this work. If you had played/trained in a surface you will play better in there, but the players forget really soon how to play in the others. And that doesn´t show how good is your player for a surface.
I´ve got a Power Baseliner, and before the clay season I train a lot in that surface (Till it comes to 90%), but I´m not good in that part of the season (even if I get more Top Spin), but I don´t know why.
There´s a way to do something that shows you how good your player is on a surface?

I had think on a lot of other things, but I don´t remember right now, je.
I hope that you find these things useful, and I´ll be very glad to help you with anything you need.
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Re: Some coments

Postby flutoot101 » 04 Feb 2011, 22:22

speaking of questions.... i'll delete this as soon as i get an answer. If i change the rate of skill decay when i start a career, can i change the rate later w/o corrupting the saved game file? I'd rather find out before i change it. My i currently have no skill decay, but it is becoming apparent that it was not such a good move.
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Re: Some coments

Postby manutoo » 05 Feb 2011, 06:16


yes, you can change the skill lowering at any time without invalidating your saved games.
If you want to do a change and you're not sure of the result, it's best to do a backup of the file before modifying it.

about the SURFACE SKILL : it just shows how much used you are to the surface. From the doc :
The surface skills don't show the player innate abilities to play on each kind of surface. They only show if he's currently used to play on each different type of surface : they raise and drop quickly, depending on what surface the player is currently playing or training.

Your overall ability for each surface is determined by all your skills, and primarily by your Topspin ; high Topspin for slow surfaces, and low Topspin for fast ones.
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