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Honest Feedback

Postby defaz1234 » 30 Mar 2010, 20:33

I have been playing Tennis Elbow Manager for about six months now and I have to say that it is one of the most fun and addictive gaming experiences I have ever had. I routinely play several hours per day (don't judge me!) and am not at all bored with the game so congratulations Manutoo on a great and UNIQUE product.

I have been wanting to say something that I'm surprised no one else has actually said until now. I mean this in the most positive way, as well. I have also played Tennis Elbow, but was not nearly as impressed with it. It is a real tennis game as opposed to a manager and as such has a lot more competition from major gaming companies, however I just don't find that game appealing at all. When compared with games like topspin or virtua tennis it simply isn't in the same level and for obvious reasons. Although the realistic scheduling and court effects are nice (I'm a big realism fan!) they are not, in my opinion, enough to make up for the game's shortcomings in other areas such as gameplay and graphics.

In Tennis Elbow Manager, however, you have a completely well-developed and original vesion of the sports manager idea. I have seen some online tennis manager games but honestly they are simply inferior to tennis elbow manager which i adore for so many reasons. The attention to detail and control are impressive - as well, the random factors that affect every match keep the game from becoming too easy. In closing, I would like to let Manutoo know that in my opinion he has an idea in TEM that can really be developed and marketed as a creative and unique gaming experience but in Tennis Elbow he has a mediocre version of yet another basic tennis game. So, this fan (me) would love to see some more work go into TEM to take it to the next level of gaming. Online play, while I'm sure is a big time commitment for the producer, could be an extraordinary addition to the experience (and one I'd be willing to pay for!). As well, further realism in statistics and graphics would enhance the game. Finally, thanks for the hours and hours of great gaming, Manutoo, and keep up the good work!!!!!!!
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Re: Honest Feedback

Postby manutoo » 31 Mar 2010, 07:21


unfortunately for u & me, not too much people share your opinion for TEM, but fortunately for me, many people disagree with u about TE2009... ':D

I think 1 day I'll do TEM2 with the possibility to watch real-time matches & a few other additions, but it won't be before several years, I guess...

As I'm not really a fan of online stuff, I'll likely not a do an online mode for TEM. I prefer to aim for people who enjoy more to play at their own rhythm (which includes myself :) ).
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