Overpowered Coco Vandweghe

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Overpowered Coco Vandweghe

Postby Carlaleede » 26 Mar 2010, 11:32

I'm playing Manager and it's 2009 Australian Open. My player is 24 years old and young upstart Coco Vandweghe had made a final (Already done 1000x more than the REAL Coco has done) and I beat her 2-6 7-6 8-6 :sweat:

Why is she so overpowered? :| Since when is she better than Serena Williams, etc?
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Re: Overpowered Coco Vandweghe

Postby manutoo » 27 Mar 2010, 05:27


coz for now, the year 2009 is fictional in the game, so ranks have been randomly created.
I'll update the ranks in a couple of months.
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