Davis/Fed Cup surfaces

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Davis/Fed Cup surfaces

Postby Guest » 24 Jan 2017, 19:36

Hey manu,

I was wondering if there is any way to influence which surfaces Davis/Fed Cup ties are played on? I tend to play the WTA version and have modified the tour to include an indoor clay surface and have 3 rounds of Fed Cup (8 teams World Group, 8 teams qualifying), with Fed Cup played at the same time as the real tour (February/April/November). Realistically most ties are played on indoor surfaces, however the game engine tends to pick outdoor surfaces including surfaces that are very rarely used for Fed Cup (grass, green clay). I was wondering if there was any way to change this so that more 'appropriate' surfaces are picked for Fed Cup ties, or is this something I just have to accept? :lol:

Secondly, could having influence over Davis Cup/Fed Cup teams and surfaces be something implemented for TEM2?

Thanks so much :D

Re: Davis/Fed Cup surfaces

Postby manutoo » 25 Jan 2017, 08:52


game will select clay more often when the players have heavy topspin (total more than 80% for the 2 singles players, eg: 40% + 40%).

And yes, better Team Cup control is something I'd like to do for TEM2 (actually, I had planned that for TEM1, but never got into it... :sweat: )
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