Some thoughts...

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Some thoughts...

Postby Fabry » 22 Aug 2009, 21:18

HI, great game here, many congratulations!

Just some thoughts.. it seems to me a bit too easy to win in Futures and Challengers event.. I mean, you only have to train the player a lot, then you enter Futures and Challenger, win almost all of them and get on the top 100 very fast, even at incredible level.

A small suggestion here would be to make top 100 players enter Challengers, it seems to me that rarely they do. In reality we have many top 100 players (well from 40 to 100 of course, not Roger and Rafa :D ) play Challengers. This maybe could slow a bit the fast ascending of players we train. There's some way to do that modifying the .ini files?

Re: Some thoughts...

Postby manutoo » 23 Aug 2009, 05:16


yup, in "Data\TourCategory.*.ini", you can look for these lines :
BestPlayer = 130
and change them to :
BestPlayer = 70
(for example)
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