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Postby Tennis_Mad_Andy » 06 Apr 2009, 00:22

Well this post really is praise for Manutoo on improving Tennis Elbow Manager even further :D I bought it when it first came out over a year ago and played it a lot, thought it was a great game. Then I bought a new PC in September and had spent until today without having re-installed TE manager... So I thought now is the time to play it again! Found the license key in my emails, activated it again and downloaded the latest versian and I have to say I love the game even more now with the improvements.

The major improvement for me is the points addition, I didn't mind the old style of just games but I thought it would be twice as good with a point by point score and now my wish has been granted :D It is brilliant watching point by point with information on how the point was won or lost so great work Manutoo for that one...

Also the serve speed is a big addition too, it gives good insight into who has the better serve during the match and it's always nice to see your player get a high serve speed in a match :D

I am not sure what the other improvements are but I am aware that you have made bug fixes since I last played it, which is always nice to see, I didn't actually come across any bugs when I played it before, not that I can remember anyway but it's nice to see that any possible bugs were fixed.

Would you be able to tell me all the improvements that have been made since the first ever versian? I know that might be a lot to ask because there has probably been quite a few made but i'd like to see which other improvements have been made that I haven't realised yet :) I am not sure but have you increased the time in which you are allowed to manage in the game to 35 years? I think I read that on the website somewhere.
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Re: Brilliant

Postby manutoo » 06 Apr 2009, 11:06


thanks for the praise... :)

And you have all the changelog here : topic11-1951.php
And follow the "Changelog of previous versions is here" links to see all changelog back to the 1st release 2 years..!

Most of the bad bugs are/were related to the doubles ; so if u play only in Singles, you have a lot lower chances to meet any bugs.
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