Editing the Players.ini

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Editing the Players.ini

Postby denborre » 02 Mar 2009, 02:39

Hi Manatoo,

First of all, it's a great game!
Congratulations with that performance.

I have some questions about changing the database of players.

1. I would like to increase the serve speed and the number of aces of a few players. They should become acemasters.
I changed their strengh and serviceskills already.

2. Is it possible to simulate the matches with all sets played without Tiebreak? How does it work than?

3. I have already found the abbraviations for the database for these skills: Slice, Globetrotter, Champion und Ballfeeling.
What are the others than?



Re: Editing the Players.ini

Postby manutoo » 02 Mar 2009, 06:35


1- if you already raise their service skills, then there's nothing else to change...

2- nope, it's not possible

3- Here the list : "EarlyBall", "BallFeeling", "FastLearner", "InjuryResistance", "Service_Slice", "Service_TopSpin", "Service_Kick", "Slice", "Champion", "Chameleon", "GlobeTrotter"
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